Olio Stories: A story of friendship and healing

Olio Stories 2 min read

Upon first downloading Olio, Dharma from Birmingham had mixed feelings of excitement and apprehension – it wasn’t like anything she’d used before. But it wasn’t long before she and her daughter were hooked; picking up goodies from neighbours and giving away all sorts, from tins of soup to extra spoons from her cutlery drawer.

Tragically, Dharma experienced the loss of her boyfriend during her early days of using Olio. Overwhelmed by grief, she stopped using the app for a while. However, she soon realised that it offered her a much-needed distraction and a means of channelling her emotions into something positive. Engaging with the community and participating in the app’s forum became Dharma’s solace, connecting her with compassionate Olio-ers who were eager to listen and offer support.

“I’ve now got some really good friends on the forum. They were so supportive when I told them about the loss of my late boyfriend; it’s really nice knowing there are always people to come on and chat to.”

Through heartfelt conversations, she built meaningful connections with fellow Olio-ers, forming friendships that transcended geographical boundaries. They share recipes, advice, and have a good laugh about things.

“I’ve tried the noodles with mushrooms recipe that a friend shared. My daughter loves that and I love that it’s freaking simple to make. We were also having a laugh the other day when a friend tried to take a mattress collected via Olio home on the bus!”

Dharma’s also met some of her Olio friends in person through giving away items to others in her area. With plans to move to the seaside in the near future, she’s already excited to connect with others in her area and knows the app will help her develop a sense of belonging in her new community.

Favourite thing about Olio:

“It’s such a friendly space online and I get to talk to people all over the country, and world!”

Favourite Olio item:

“I picked up a lovely pendant – it’s in my jewellery box”

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