Olio Stories: The kindest birthday surprise

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Life had thrown its fair share of challenges at Louise – a painful divorce, the loss of her father, and ongoing legal battles. With the added pressure of feeding her two hungry sons as a newly single parent, it was a really difficult time.

Olio became a huge help with feeding her family, but it was a small gesture of kindness from a local stranger that provided Louise with just the support she needed.

“As a single parent who has come through a really hideous divorce and has nothing left, I never buy myself little luxuries. On my birthday, I was feeling particularly low, but there was a lady giving away some flowers on Olio and I went to pick them up. When I got there, she’d put out a bar of chocolate and a happy birthday note as well and I thought, oh my, what a lovely person!”

“I love flowers. I don’t think there’s many women who don’t. And to actually be able to have some flowers in the house, that little luxury that you can’t afford to buy yourself when you’re trying to feed two starving teenage boys, was a godsend for me that week.”

Louise’s experience requesting items on Olio prompted her to sign up to become a Food Waste Hero and she now has one slot a week where she rescues and redistributes food within her local community. As Louise isn’t in an area where Olio is that prolific yet she has been helping to spread the word, by telling friends, sharing on Facebook and speaking to her dog walking clients. 

“I’m a dog walker now and I’ve actually started to broadcast to my clients as well. I’d say things like: “Oh, you’re working from home today. Do you need sandwiches? Just keep a lookout on my Olio posts later”. So far I’ve brought in five new Olio-ers and I’ve only been doing it for three weeks, so I’m feeling pleased with myself!”

The Olio community was able to offer Louise a comforting hand in her time of need and in return Louise is helping Olio grow and supporting our mission to fight waste to help save our planet.

Favourite thing about Olio?

It’s the flowers. It’s the little luxuries that I can’t afford to buy for myself. And helping others of course, it’s that high you get when you’ve done something good and know you’re making a difference.

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