Food waste can feel scary. But it doesn’t have to be. 👻

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The problem

Each year, 1 in 6 meals served by UK hospitality businesses ends up in the bin.

Meanwhile, millions of people in the UK are going hungry, because they can’t afford to buy food.

Oh, and CO2 emissions from food waste are a massive contributor to the climate crisis. Pretty scary, right?

What your business can do about it

By sharing your good-to-eat spare food with local people through Olio (instead of binning it), you can help fight food waste, feed communities, and combat climate change.

So it’s not that scary, after all.

Sources: The True Cost of Food Waste within Hospitality and Food Service (WRAP), FareShare

A big, scary problem

billion meals wasted annually across the UK food industry
1 in 5
people in the UK are struggling to get enough to eat
billion pounds worth of food goes to waste in the Hospitality and Food service sector each year
75 %
of which is still edible when it's thrown away

How Olio works


1. Prepare

You team gets spare food ready for Olio volunteers to collect.

2. Collect

A member of Olio’s national network of food-safety trained volunteers comes to collect your food – whenever you need them to.

3. Share

They then share it quickly and safely with members of the local community via the Olio app.

Hear it from the businesses we work with

Hotels: The Carlton, Ilfracombe

Production Companies: Lifted Entertainment

Catering: Compass Group UK&I