We dream of a waste-free world

A billion tiny actions got us into this mess. A billion tiny actions can get us out.

The climate crisis can make us all feel helpless

but what we do as individuals does count

The problem

Our culture of overconsumption has created a monumental waste problem.

Not just in-the-bin waste, but the kind of stuff we all have around the house that never gets used.

It’s hurting us, and the planet.

33 %
of food produced globally is wasted
50 %
of the clothes in our wardrobes are never worn
65 %
of greenhouse gases are caused by household consumption

The solution

Share more,
waste less

Let’s normalise sharing what we no longer need, and make buying new a last resort

Olio: the feel-good sharing app

Olio is the app that makes it easy to pass on the stuff you no longer need

The Olio Story

First, we fought food waste.
Now, we fight anything going to waste.
From toys to toiletries to tupperware.

Tessa Clarke

“I grew up on a farm and saw first-hand how much hard work goes into producing the food we eat”

Saasha Celestial-One

“I spent my childhood helping my Mom to rescue things others had discarded"
Saasha Celestial-One, Co-Founder of Olio

The lightbulb moment for Olio came during Tessa’s house move.

Everything was packed and ready to go, but the fridge was still full. She couldn’t bear to see perfectly good food go in the bin, and knew that someone nearby would take it off her hands.

As she trawled the streets looking for someone who might be able to use her spare food, Tessa knew there had to be an easier way to connect with people. And so the concept of Olio was born.

Olio’s impact

7.9 million

Olio-ers around the world


Volunteers rescuing unsold food from local businesses


Ambassadors spreading the word

40 million

Neighbour pickups

174 million

Portions of food shared

12 million

Household items shared


Tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided*

26 billion

Litres of water saved

666 million

Car miles saved


Of Olio-ers have made new friends through sharing


Of Olio-ers say sharing has improved their mental health


Of Olio-ers say Olio has improved their financial wellbeing

* This figure was calculated for both upstream and downstream diverted emissions using our impact methodology, assuming 1 item shared results in 1 item not produced and not accounting for leakage or rebound effects.

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