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If you want to promote Olio within your workplace or school, you can find other helpful resources such as logo files and photos here.

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I enjoy that I can spread news about Olio that reaches people far and wide by posting on social media, WhatsApp and responding to queries from people I know. I can fit being an ambassador for Olio around my job and childcare and love being part of a community of like-minded people all doing their bit to reduce, reuse and declutter.

Amaka Chigbue

Olio Ambassador
Being an Olio ambassador is a great way to do your bit to combat waste and promote more sharing. I always tell people Olio is an easy way to declutter your cupboards and make a real difference to someone else.

Mark Wilson

Olio Ambassador
I find being an Ambassador for Olio a really fulfilling role. I love getting out and about talking to people about how they can reduce waste and introducing them to the Olio community. It’s such a great way to do your bit and help out people in your local community.

Lito Smith

Olio Ambassador
Over the last 12 months I have gathered up so many regulars and love checking in with them every week. I feel like I’ve made friends! I’ve also enjoyed seeing the number of local users rose after my social media posts and leaflet drops and whilst I know I can’t take credit for all of them, seeing the numbers rise gives me a boost and the knowledge that even more food is being saved from waste!

Kelly Maskell

Olio Ambassador

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