What is an Olio Ambassador? 

An Olio Ambassador is someone who helps spread the word about Olio either online or in person, in their local area. Since Olio is a local sharing app, the more people who know and use Olio near you, the better it works. We rely on our users telling their friends, family and neighbours about Olio and our mission, to help us grow and solve the climate crisis, one share at a time.

How do I become an Olio Ambassador? 

You can sign up here using the email address associated with your Olio account (you can find your Olio email address by going to the Account section in the main menu of the app). By signing up, you will receive our Ambassador emails which give you tips and ideas about how you can get involved and spread the word about Olio. Once you’re signed up, if you live in the UK or Ireland you can also request an Ambassador Pack to be sent to you in the post which includes posters, flyers and letters you can share in your local area to help spread the word about Olio.

What do I get for being an Olio Ambassador? 

By signing up you get access to our Ambassador-only emails, a quarterly newsletter for Volunteers and Ambassadors, and membership to our Volunteer and Ambassador closed Facebook group. You’ll be the first to know about the latest news from Olio HQ and be included in special Ambassador-only opportunities such as prize draws and rewards programmes. We want Ambassadors to feel like an extension of the Olio team so we’ll keep in regular contact with you and invite you to contact us either via our social channels or email ambassadors@olioex.com.

How do I get an Ambassador Pack in the post? 

Contact us to receive an Ambassador Pack here. If you run out, you can order more. Only residents of the UK and IE are eligible to receive one of these currently. Anyone who lives outside the UK and IE can download the materials here and print them at home.

What will be in my Ambassador Pack? 

Your Ambassador Pack contains a welcome letter, a one page ‘About’ Olio, letters to share with your neighbours, flyers to hand out and posters to put up!

What should I do with my Ambassador Pack? 

Olio flyers are perfect for handing out or doing door drops, posters are ideal for notice boards in places like cafés and social clubs, and you can pop the letter through your neighbours’ letterboxes to tell people on your street about Olio.

Will I get a badge on the Olio app when I become an Ambassador? 

Yes you will get an Olio Ambassador badge in the app. It will show up in the My Badges section of the app. 

How is an Olio Ambassador different from a Food Waste Hero? 

A Food Waste Hero collects unsold food from businesses and shares it via the Olio app. Olio Ambassadors don’t have to do food collections, their role is to help spread the word about Olio and its mission online and in person. Of course, many of our Ambassadors are also Food Waste Heroes and vice versa.

Can I be an Ambassador and a Food Waste Hero? 

Absolutely! Many Olio-ers already are. You can learn more about becoming a Food Waste Hero here.

If I am already signed up as a Community Hero, Home Hero or Digital Ambassador, what is happening to my role? 

You will automatically be re-enrolled as an Olio Ambassador. We are streamlining these roles into one, where you will be given even more inspiration, tools and tips for helping to spread the word. You can find out more about those changes here.

I have previously received the Ambassador introduction emails, will I need to go through the tasks again?

If you previously signed up, as part of your re-enrolment to the programme, you will receive our new introductory emails. We hope these will refresh your memory and give you new ideas for getting involved.

If I don’t want to be an Olio Ambassador anymore, how do I stop? 

You can unsubscribe from our Ambassador emails at any time, or email us at ambassadors@olioex.com, but why would you want to do that?

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