At Olio, we have an amazing team working behind the scenes to make the magic happen. From our talented developers and designers to our dedicated support staff, every member of our team plays a crucial role in bringing our vision to life. So if you’ve ever wondered who’s behind the scenes at Olio, now you know – it’s our amazing team!

Chief of Staff team

Arthur Giraux

Head of Legal & Public Affairs
At home, I love to cook and find creative ways to reduce waste to a minimum. At work, my legal experience and startup venture opening a coworking kitchen space taught me a great deal about solving problems and overcoming obstacles. I am so pleased to be combining both, and help tackle food waste on a truly global scale.

Justin Marsh

Financial Controller
Born and raised in South Africa, I have observed the food challenge that the planet is facing. Olio’s goal of 1 billion users by 2030 is not too ambitious. I think it could be the difference between humanity’s survival and extinction. I am proud to be a part of that.

Kasia Fleming

Executive Assistant
I am a bit of an all rounder at Olio from Executive Assistant to both Co-Founders to supporting the wider team and organising team events. Growing up with a Polish mother and grandparents, meant that we never wasted any food. We would make a stew out of all the leftover meat called Bigos and we would kiss stale bread before throwing it in the bin, to show our appreciation. I am so pleased to now be working for Olio who directly tackle the problem of food waste by sharing it instead. I am also proud to be working with such a wonderful group of people, who all feel the same.

Lily Paterson

Strategic Operations Manager

Rohan Sheth

Chief of Staff
I’ve been fortunate enough to live in Germany and Singapore, seeing first-hand how the problem of waste is tackled by two of the world’s leaders in the space. Having dabbled with various ideas in the social enterprise space, I’m tremendously proud to now work for Olio and have a positive impact on the world and people around me.

Customer Satisfaction team

Andrea Marin

Snr CS Agent (Manager)
Growing up in Venezuela I was aware that food was not always accessible for everyone. So when I started working at a coffee shop in London I was shocked to discover how much food was being binned daily. I realised the magnitude of the problem when I saw the food wastage statistics. When I found Olio I was ecstatic to see the issue being addressed by a bunch of amazing people. I am so excited to also be a part of their team now.

Camila Naveira

Customer Satisfaction Team Lead
After a diverse professional journey, what makes the most sense to me today is to dedicate my time and energy to solving the eco-social crisis we are facing. I am thrilled to be part of Olio because it is not only about offering a great solution but also about building a new culture of care. I deeply believe in the power of building resilient communities and being part of Olio is the best way to do it.

Emma Derby

Customer Satisfaction Agent
As a Zoology graduate I started to understand the impact we as humans were having on our planet. Later I travelled to a lot of different regions that are already being affected by climate change, this helped me gain a real world view of the need for sustainable practices. Olio’s mission hit’s home as a practical solution to helping solve this global problem, and I’m excited to be part of a company that is part of a movement to protect our planet!

Linda Stefanutti

Head of CS Operations & Strategy
Two volunteering trips in Uganda and Colombia helped me truly understand the impact of global warming. Food poverty, animals’ extinctions and land desertification became no longer abstract problems but real tragedies I could touch with my hands. I was thrilled by the opportunity to join Olio and use my skills and experience to help fight food waste and hopefully save the planet!

Niahm Rogers

Customer Satisfaction Agent
Growing up my family has always been obsessed with sustainability and food waste. I would spend my childhood down my parents allotment, digging, watering, planting and picking fruit and veg. Understanding the hard work and patience it takes to grow food and the importance of not wasting it. I am now in adulthood back spending my time back down the same allotment with the aim to be as sustainable as possible throughout the summer months, using what we have and creatively thinking of ideas to ensure that the hard work I put in is having a positive impact on my community.

Michelle Sole

Customer Satisfaction Agent
Growing up in Venezuela, I experienced first-hand the challenges that come with food scarcity. These experiences left a profound impact on me, shaping my passion for addressing food waste and promoting sustainability. When I moved to London and discovered Olio, their mission to reduce food waste and build community through sharing resonated deeply with me. I have been an active user of the platform, and I am thrilled to now be part of the team, working to make a positive impact in the fight against food waste.

Saskia Dibley

Senior CS Agent (Technical)

Sonia Rodriguez

Customer Satisfaction Agent
My name is Sonia and I grew up with a huge awareness of being mindful about food waste and food sharing with my community. To this day I collaborate with a restaurant where the chef and I organise dinners every Monday for our neighbourhood with all the spare food from the week. Joining Olio, means I get to work towards the mission in a bigger picture, help resolve volunteer questions and customer queries to take action and solve what we all care for!

Engineering team

Abi Coe

Senior Software Engineer
Up until I joined Olio, my career in Engineering was solely at agencies, which gave me little say over which companies my work was ultimately benefiting. Over the years, I felt more and more keenly the need to use my skills and privilege to benefit our world, and so actively made the choice to quit my job in order to find a role which would not only figuratively put breath in my lungs, but also literally do the same for everyone else. Olio delivers that for us all.

Amy Roberts-Hoad

Engineering Manager
Reducing our environmental impact at home has been something I’ve become very passionate about and using Olio has been a part of that. I’m so excited to be able to work on something that is making a positive impact in the world and something that I believe in so much. Being able to do it with such lovely people is a bonus!

Arron Kukadia

Software Engineer
There are many people who go to sleep hungry at night, yet food waste is such a huge problem – it doesn’t make sense. Reducing food waste and living a more sustainable lifestyle is something I am passionate about. I am proud to work at Olio, where I can help drive real change and use my skills to help reduce food waste & save the planet!

Bruce Hughes

QA Engineer
My fondest food memories are of going to restaurants as a family of 9. We ate what we liked, and afterwards there was this great plate ballet as leftovers were swapped until every morsel was eaten. The staff nudged each other and watched, because sharing food even with the people sitting next to you is unusual. We should change that.

Daniel López Rovira

Engineering Manager
Olio gave me the opportunity of helping reduce food waste by working with a group of passionate, talented and compassionate people to build an amazing product. It’s great to work in a company trying to make the world a better place and bring a bit of much-needed positivity!

Diner Ismail

Senior Software Engineer
The climate and biodiversity crisis is an existential threat, and to mitigate it we absolutely need to tackle the food waste issue (amongst others), and I’m glad Olio is taking that on. I’m proud to be part of this team and work to help achieve that mission.

Erim Icel

Senior Software Engineer

Glen Pike

Senior Software Engineer
I grew up in an environment where sharing and community were a core part of my life, but sometimes resources were scarce. My parents and their friends instilled a love of food and cooking along with frugality, adaptability and a waste-not mentality. Olio and the people involved echo these core values and give me an opportunity to use my skills to make a bigger difference on sustainability and climate change. It also enables me to learn a lot from others and continue my own personal journey to tread more lightly on the planet.

Hanna Söderlund

Software Engineer
I’m a software engineer with a particular interest in purpose-driven technology. Before joining Olio I have had many years experience working in the food and sustainability sector, seeing both the inspiring and the not so inspiring. Personally I’m really interested in how we can localise our food supply, prevent waste, and make good food available to everyone. To do this we need strong, connected communities, and I’m so excited to be part of building these at Olio!

Kevin Hu

Senior Software Engineer
Growing up in Taipei, I have seen how environmental awareness has risen. I deeply cared about the environment and wanted to be part of making the world a better place. Joining Olio is a dream come true.

Lloyd Watkin

Principal Engineer
My environmentalism & social conscience originally grew out of a concern for animal welfare. As I learned more about diet, waste, economics, my interest broadened. Today I try to live as sustainably as possible; I’m a solar panel owning, electric car driving, vegan. I didn’t set out to be this way, but here I am ?

Paul Danelli

Senior Software Engineer
Starting my programming journey in 2008, I’m a passionate Ruby developer who wants to make a difference. Whether I am working alone on a project, or as part of a larger team, I strive to create a positive environment whilst producing the best possible end product.

Paul McKenna

Head of Engineering

Poppy Rodgers

Software Engineer
Joining communities together through sharing is a beautiful act, and to help save the planet simultaneously, I could not wish for a job to write Ruby code for, that is more in line with my beliefs.

Mark Wilcox

Technical Lead
I’ve been building software for mobile devices for more than 20 years. I’ve also spent most of that time waiting for someone else to solve the big environmental challenges whilst trying to minimise my own family’s impact. How could an app save the planet? With Olio I’m privileged to work on something that really can make a difference. I love that I get to use my knowledge and skills to help make that happen.

Meg Brown

Senior Dev Ops Engineer
I’ve always been someone who deeply cares about the environment and takes concrete steps to minimize waste. One way I do this is by using a compost heap to reduce food waste, which also creates nutrient-rich soil for my vegetable garden and reduces the amount of organic waste that ends up in landfills. Likewise as a dev ops professional, I have the opportunity to explore sustainable practices in technology and find ways to reduce the environmental impact of digital infrastructure. Through these actions, I am able to show my commitment to environmental responsibility and contribute to a more sustainable future for all of us.

Sam Dalzell-Matthew

Software Engineer
Growing up in NZ I have a massive appreciation for nature .I was lucky enough to have most of my fruit and vegetables homegrown. As such it was quite common to have meals that were 100% made from our garden. I have always been passionate about reducing my impact on the planet so being able to work at Olio feels like a fantastic opportunity to help others do the same.

Sam Ward

Technical Lead
I’m a big believer in technology as a force for good. Joining Olio has allowed me to put that belief into practice, enabling individuals working together to have a global impact. I live on a smallholding in the Welsh hills, where we grow as much of our own food as possible. I love finding old recipes to make use of every scrap of food and building useful things out of rubbish.

Tania Papazafeiropoulou

Technical Lead
I have always been conscious of the problem of food waste and food poverty, so joining the Olio team was the perfect way to grow professionally, while helping make the world a better place.

Tom Guppy

Senior QA Engineer
It is amazing to have the opportunity to work for Olio, it is such an amazing concept with the cost of living crisis and really just ensuring that food and products are no longer wasted and put to good use. We have two young children and we are trying to be more environmentally conscious, we try to cycle everywhere as much as possible and we are currently starting to grow a small amount of our own food, starting with the basics such as tomatoes so we cannot go wrong. We keenly recycle as much as possible and buy food little and often to limit any food waste. We love the environment and being outside, so working here allows me to contribute to that and leave a lasting impression on my children knowing I have done something to help!

Food Waste Heroes team

Andres Figar

Account Manager
I get immense satisfaction from extracting value out of what others call ‘waste’. From growing lemon and avocado plants from their pits and using coffee grounds as fertilizer, to (not so great) attempts at making furniture from pallets and other wooden bits from the street, I love the challenge of finding a second life for ‘waste’. Earth cannot sustain 8 billion (increasingly wealthier) people at the current consumption levels, so I am thrilled to be working towards reinventing the way we consume and be part of the solution.

Anna Lopez-Fujimaki

Volunteer Operations Manager
I always knew I wanted to work for an environmental cause but after so long worrying about what exactly I wanted to do, I finally realised that the answer wasn’t even on my doorstep – it was closer than that! The majority of food waste happens right within our homes. With Olio, we are making changes with real, tangible environmental impact and also forming an amazing, passionate community.

Archie Dalton

Business Development Manager
I have been incredibly passionate about reducing food waste and its impacts from working in various hospitality businesses. I realised the scale of the problem within the hospitality industry and this prompted me to complete my dissertation on out of home consumer food waste whilst studying at University. I am super excited to be a part of the Olio team and continue the fight against food waste.

Callum Speet

Business Development Manager

Delia Gadea

Head of Client Success
Having grown up in the countryside, food sharing amongst neighbours was always natural to me, and I hope we can bring it back in local communities all over the world (with the help of Olio).

Ella Sinclair

Senior Account Manager
I grew up in a household where you couldn’t leave the dinner table unless you’d finished your plate. If there were any leftovers, you could be sure you were eating them the next day. I’ve carried this “waste not, want not” attitude with me ever since, and it is what led me to a career in sustainability. During this time, I’ve come to appreciate the importance of local action. During the pandemic I was amazed by the way my local community pooled resources, building an incredible network where food, clothes and other items (no matter how random!) were shared amongst neighbours. This really inspired me and I feel so proud to be a part of a movement harnessing local action to reduce food waste and provide a solution to the climate crisis.

Emma Casablancas

Volunteer Operations Manager
I grew up being mindful to not throw any good food away. To this day, this is still hugely important to me personally, to the point where I kind of freak out when food goes to the bin. Joining Olio, means I get to work amongst a team and community of like-minded people to be part of the solution, a dream come true.

Iina-Miisa Huovinen

Sales Operations Manager
I am passionate about making a positive impact, and Olio plays a crucial role in the climate crisis on multiple fronts. It not only addresses the urgent issue of climate change by minimizing food waste but also uplifts local communities. Sustainability has always held a special place in my heart, and being able to contribute, even in small ways, to the fight to protect our planet is incredibly meaningful to me.

Liam Jones

Head of FWH Business Development
My food waste journey began as a volunteer in Hackney, where I collected surplus food once a week and redistributed it via the Olio app. The experience brought me closer to my neighbours and taught me that no good food should ever be thrown away.

Lily Chappin

Junior Business Development Manager
I was so excited to see this position at Olio come up as I am extremely keen to learn more about the sheer impact food waste is having on our environment. I have seen first hand the crazy amount of food that is wasted from previously working in the hospitality industry so I am proud to now be a part of this mission to reduce food waste globally! It’s amazing to be a part of such a passionate and like-minded team of people here at Olio.

Lily Pearson

Business Development Manager
My dream is to save the world – one portion of food at a time! Working in hospitality during my student years and disappointed by the amount of food waste that takes place daily, I set up an unofficial food waste project to salvage leftovers and give them to the local homeless. My interest in food waste has continued to grow and I was ecstatic to find Olio, a wide-scale solution to reducing the amount of food thrown away while building community engagement and having an incredible environmental impact!

Louis Nicola

Lead Account Manager
Having spent the last few years becoming ever-more conscious about the damage being done to the planet, I’ve made personal changes to try and help the issue. Olio first came on my radar during my previous role, when a group of us were trying to find a solution to the amount of food waste that we produced as a company. When I saw an Account Manager role pop up, I jumped at the opportunity; but couldn’t have imagined that I’d be joining a team where everyone is so passionate, friendly and mission-aligned!

Maryam Iyaye

Senior Volunteer Operations Manager
I grew up in a small town in The Netherlands, the culture was very much an environmentalist world. I’m so excited for the opportunity to live these values in my work life too. With Olio I am able to actively contribute to reducing food waste and therefore saving the planet!

Rachel Mc Ginn

Senior Business Development Manager

Ruby Brown

Head of Volunteer Operations
Preventing food waste has always been a key issue for me. I signed up as a Food Waste Hero in January 2018 and have been astounded by Olio’s progress and impact ever since.

Sinead Collins

Senior Account Manager
Growing up, food waste was an alien concept to me as my mum taught me the value of reusing food. If it couldn’t be frozen or given to the dog, it had to be eaten. Since then, I’ve had some reality checks working in hospitality, schools across London and a banana farm in Australia. I love living a sustainable lifestyle and eliminating food waste (with the help of Olio!) is an incredibly important action to help save the planet and reconnect with your community.

Siofraidh Finn-Healy

Volunteer Operations Manager
I’ve always been passionate about finding ways to reduce waste and be kinder to the planet, so I was saddened to learn more about how food waste impacts the environment when I studied in Bristol. My thesis focused on household food disposal, which opened my eyes further to just how much good food is wasted every day while people go hungry. Then I discovered Olio, where I now get to be part of the solution! I love working with our incredible volunteers every day, to make sure food is shared rather than thrown away.

Sophie Leader

Senior Business Development Manager

Susan Carnegie

Volunteer Operations Manager
Waste not, want not” was the mantra in my household growing up. We were always taught to use what we have resourcefully and you will be surprised as to how far things will last! Now having my own little family, those lessons have now come full circle – I consider myself incredibly lucky to live by these same principles both personally and professionally.

Yolanda Nyabvikondo

Senior Volunteer Operations Manager
I was born in a poor suburb of Zimbabwe with a rich sense of community. I’ve since grown to be very conscious of my privileges, being taught to share and never waste. I’m happy to be at Olio where I can actively promote these values, help prevent food waste and reduce food poverty. Doing this through tech is also very cool!

Marketing team

Becci Amyes

Head of Marketing (C2C)
It’s no secret that our planet is in trouble and the time to act is now. Working for a company with so much drive and passion to help solve the climate crisis and our model of overconsumption is truly inspiring and motivating. Together, we really can make a difference.

Cozzi Baring

Head of Marketing (B2B)
My job at Olio is to make sure businesses everywhere know about our awesome Food Waste Heroes Programme, and how wasting less food as a business means you’re helping local people and our planet. I also make sure as many people as possible see the great work we’re doing with our many partners like Tesco, One Stop, Iceland, Compass and more. As someone who hates waste of any kind, working alongside likeminded, passionate people at Olio is an absolute dream. In my spare time, I love cooking and eating with friends, finding innovative new ways to use up leftovers, and walking the dogs. My next project is to start growing my own food!

Emily Neill

Senior Marketing Executive
I grew up in a household where food was never left on plates and never went to waste, it was only when I started working in the hospitality industry as a teenager that I was shocked into the reality of just how much food gets thrown away every day. Olio’s mission is imperative. I feel a huge sense of pride and motivation to be able to work every day for a cause that I truly believe in. The Olio community is full of optimism and inspiration when it comes to fighting climate change and it’s a real privilege to be a part of that.

People & Culture team

Hatty Choudhury

People Operations Partner
Growing up, my mum wouldn’t let me throw away my food, our culture was always about repurposing food and objects no matter how small. I was fortunate enough to be fearful of wasting things we could find a new home for, however there is a wider challenge in the real world. My passion drives me to work hard assisting the growth of a company that is demonstrating the most simple and effective solution to cut the curve.

Thaisa Money

People & Culture Director
My path to Olio has been all about the waste saving seeds that have grown over the years. Whether it was watching my family using every leftover to now using the Olio app to share items I bought (but somehow that dish never happened!). It’s a game changer!

Product  team

Chris Haines

Product Designer
I’ve always been interested in technology and the way that it can be used to help people and bring moments of delight. From teaching my nan how to email, to becoming a designer and creating experiences that help enrich people’s lives, I’ve always believed that technology can be a force for good. Olio is a brilliant example of that, using tech in a simple way (sharing excess food) to solve a huge problem (food waste) and I’m incredibly proud to be a part of that.

Hayley Seamarks

Lead Product Designer

Imogen Povey

Snr Product Manager (FWH)
Reducing our environmental impact has been something I’ve been conscious of since I was a child, and even more so in the last few years. It’s no secret that the way we’re currently consuming isn’t sustainable (or equitable), so I’m thrilled to be part of Olio’s ambitious mission to reinvent the way we consume and rediscover the joy of sharing within our communities.

Ivar Struijker Boudier

Senior Product Analyst
I am always looking for ways to live more sustainably. I grow my own vegetables and avoid waste by not buying things I don’t need (tip of the day: make a shopping list before you go to the supermarket). The amazing thing about working at Olio is that I am now making it easier for people all over the world to reduce waste in their lives too.

Jordan Elboim

Head of Product (C2C)
I’ve always been driven by solving problems and having a positive impact through my work. The climate crisis is the biggest and most complex problem humans have ever faced and so it’s only natural for me to want to be part of the solution!

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