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One third of the food we produce globally is wasted.  And yet 800 million people go to bed hungry every night.

At Olio,  we want to change that. So we rescue good, edible food from businesses and share it with people nearby. 

Want to fight food waste, support your community and care for the planet? Become an Olio volunteer today.

What you’ll be doing

Rescue food from businesses near you

Store staff at businesses we work with will set aside food for you to collect. Most of our volunteers do this on foot or by bike.

Share food with members of your community

You’ll then take that food home, take pictures of it, and list it on Olio’s app. People nearby will request it and collect it from you.

Feel good knowing you’re helping people and our planet

By volunteering with Olio, you’re doing your bit to fight food waste and feed your local community. We think that’s pretty awesome!

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Head over to the Volunteer Hub, accessible via the main menu in Olio's app, to get started.

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You'll need to download Olio and create an account first. Once you've done that, head over to the Volunteer Hub to get started.

Hear from our founders and volunteers

We partner with organisations across the world to help people and the planet


“I’ve met some amazing people”

It fills me with satisfaction knowing this food gets a second chance. I’ve met some amazing people at my doorstep.


Olio volunteer, London

“It feels great”

It’s so satisfying picking up food which had been destined for the bin, and making sure all of it gets eaten. It feels great being able to do this for my local community.


Olio volunteer, Brighton

“I know I’m making a difference”

If I could describe my Olio experience, I’d say it’s rewarding. It gives me the chance to give back to the local community – I know I’m making a difference.


Olio volunteer, London

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