How to use Olio — here’s how it works

Give it away and make someone’s day — let your useless become someone else’s useful.

Olio connects neighbours with each other and with local businesses so surplus stuff can be shared, not thrown away. Simply take a photo of what you don’t need, add it to the app and wait for someone to request and collect. It’s simple, safe and sustainable to share your spare — and do your bit by helping others and the planet too.

This could be fresh fruit & veg you won’t eat before you go away, store cupboard items you’re not realistically going to use, unwanted food gifts, and more. It could also be any sort of non-food item —  on a daily basis, Olio-ers share clothes, tech, books, kitchenware, and even furniture that they no longer need.

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how the Olio app works if you want to shift your stuff, fast.

Step 1

Look around you. Notice the things you have. Appreciate the things you need. Pick out the things you don’t.

Step 2

(Dust them off, if needed.) Take a photo. Add each item to the app. Wait for someone to request and collect.

Step 3

Enjoy the feel-good factor of decluttering with Olio, knowing you’ve helped your community and the planet.

Step 4

Keep looking around you and asking: “If it isn’t useful for me… could it be for someone else?”

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