Olio Stories: From grief to giving

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When Jackie’s son Daniel, tragically passed away in January 2021 it was an incredibly difficult time for the whole family. Despite friends doing their best by popping round with meals they’d cooked and calling regularly, the lockdown restrictions made it hard for Jackie to receive the support she otherwise would have done.

It was a very lonely time. It’s awful to lose someone anyway but Covid just made it so much more lonely.

A friend from church introduced Jackie to the Olio app, initially suggesting it for sharing food. This went on to become a new hobby for Jackie and acted as a welcome distraction. Jackie was able to connect with more people in her local community, provide for her family whilst reducing waste and contribute to the planet’s wellbeing. 

As time passed and Jackie became familiar with using the app, it sparked an idea that perhaps she could make use of it to share other items besides just food… 

I later discovered the non-food section on the app and I just felt that maybe it was the right time to let go of some of Daniel’s treasured belongings.

Daniel was a die hard Liverpool FC fan and Jackie loved the idea of his Liverpool memorabilia, from football t-shirts to posters, being passed on to other fans who shared the same passion as him.

It was obviously so hard to let go of his things but something so beautiful about knowing that they’ll still be loved by someone else in the community. It meant that I met the person at the doorstep and although they were quite brief exchanges, it was nice to actually hand it over to someone rather than just have it put in a charity shop.

Though it wasn’t easy to part with these sentimental items, Jackie found comfort in the therapeutic action of sharing and this gradually helped her in the grieving process. It gave her a sense of purpose and happiness  knowing Daniel’s possessions were being appreciated by others who shared his interests. The exchanges became a way for her to keep Daniel’s memory alive whilst also finding joy in helping others.

Favourite thing about Olio:

Olio helped me with the grieving process and to move on. I’ve met the people who now have Daniel’s items and I’m happy because of the response I got when I handed them over. I suppose from my perspective, it was therapeutic.

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