Olio Stories: How the Olio community helped with an unexpected arrival

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Tameka first stumbled across Olio two years ago through a Facebook post and initially used the app to browse listings and discover items in her local area, but it wasn’t long before she was sharing her own items on the app too.

As soon as I downloaded the app, I remember thinking I’m going to be using this for a long time. Sometimes the listings would make me remember that I have something similar that I’m trying to give away as well. I’d walk around the house and see something that would remind me, oh yeah, I could put that on Olio actually.

When Tameka was pregnant she was told at her final growth scan that her baby wasn’t putting on as much weight as they’d like and that she’d need to be induced that day. Tameka was in hospital for 6 days and with her baby being induced a month prior to his due date, Tameka and her husband Jerome were very unprepared. 

We just didn’t expect everything to happen so fast! My husband was in charge of the house and the dog, whilst worrying about me in hospital and what we’d need for the baby. He also didn’t have a licence at this point so was dependent on public transport. It was a very stressful time.

It was at this point that they turned to the Olio community for support in a hurried effort to get as much baby *stuff* as possible before the little one’s arrival… 

So me and Jerome were thinking, right, we could be coming home with a baby today and we’re not ready, what do we need? Olio really came through for us, there were just so many items being offered that we really needed. Someone was offering a whole bag of tiny premature baby clothes. We got nappies, a couple of baby baths, a car seat, bath and seat inserts for newborns and a couple of toys.

Little baby Cole arrived safe and sound on March 8th with all of the rehomed Olio finds ready to go. Tameka is now returning the favour and ensuring the baby items continue to help other families in her local community by re-sharing what Cole has now outgrown on Olio. Tameka has also made friends with a fellow mum through Olio. With their babies just 3 months apart, it might not just be Tameka who’s met a friend for life through Olio, but her son too!

Favourite item picked up off Olio?

This lady was giving away four potted plants. Gardening or flowers isn’t something that I’ve ever really been interested in but I saw them and thought now I’ve got a bit of spare time, I’d like to get into something new. Since then I’ve added to the collection so it’s started a new hobby! In the listing description the lady said she wanted them to go to a loving home and somebody who was really going to take care of them. I think that reached out to me and I thought, I can be that person. We still stay in contact, I take pictures and show her their growth, it’s really nice.

Favourite thing about Olio?

The first thing that pops into my head is the community – meeting people in your area who might have the same interest as you and  just the whole idea of giving things away for free. I love that it’s all local and people are just so kind to each other, it really does reinforce that kindness and the generous nature of the app.

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