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A summary of what we covered…

Thank you to everyone who joined our second community webinar on August 8th 2023. In case you missed it, here is a link to the full recording and a short recap below on what we covered:

  • Experiments involving in-app ads have been running for a couple of months. This has generated over 1,000 new Supporters and has not resulted in any reduction in the pickup arranged rate of listings
  • We will be rolling out in-app ads to all Olio-ers who have had 50+ successful lifetime pickups, every time they request a free listing
  • We need to make sure that listings are shared fairly (10% of requesters take almost half of all listings) so more people benefit, growing the Olio community and impact, as well as helping make Olio financially viable
  • We’re therefore going to be testing ‘pick-up quotas’, whereby Olio-ers will have a (1) ‘flexible’ quota of listings they can pick up (which can be lifted either by becoming a Supporter or by adding listings) as well as a (2) ‘fixed’ quota of listings that cannot be lifted
  • These initial tests will be conducted in 1 small/medium-sized city before expanding the geographical coverage. The tests are likely to start with thresholds of 20 pick-ups in a 4-week period for the flexible quota, and 80 pick-ups in a 4-week period for the fixed quota – although these thresholds may change depending on the outcome of the tests
  • This is just another step in an ongoing journey of testing, learning and iterating and in due course we’ll decide whether we have pick-up quotas in addition to in-app advertising, or whether we scrap in-app advertising altogether in favour of pick-up quotas

As always, thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you at the next one!

Tessa and Saasha,
Co-founders of Olio

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