September 2023 Community Update

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A summary of what we covered…

Thank you to everyone who joined our third community webinar on 25th September 2023. In case you missed it, here is a link to the full recording and a short recap below on what we covered:

  • Flexible pick-up quotas removed: Our experiment with flexible pick-up quotas showed some encouraging signs, as well as some challenges which we had expected. On balance we’ve decided to turn off the flexible pick-up quota experiment as of Wednesday 20th September. We’ll continue testing different fixed quotas in different areas to help address the challenge of distributing listings more fairly
  • Ads rolling out to all heavy requesters: Tests on ads have been positive, so we’ve decided ads should be shown to all ‘heavy requesters’ each time they request a listing; we’ll continue testing ads further, including at different points in the app
  • Testing will continue: We’re going to continue running experiments to distribute listings more fairly and encourage more people to subscribe to support our mission. While they won’t all work exactly as we anticipate, we’ll learn a lot and it’s only through testing ‘in the field’ that we can truly learn how to make the Olio model work
  • Refreshing FAQs and automating processes: We’re looking to further improve our community’s experience with our Customer Satisfaction team by (1) introducing automations to get back to you quicker on issues, and (2) refreshing our FAQs to act as one clear source of truth 
  • Better policing of bad FWH actors: We’re revising key policies (e.g. on food safety) and introducing new features (e.g. to tackle FWHs creating multiple accounts) to identify and remove FWHs that are purposely breaking Olio’s guidelines
  • Improving FWH communications and training: We’re developing a strategy to improve communications and training for our FWHs (updates, quizzes, forum communications, etc.)
  • Improving the missed collections process: In October we’re going to change the current FWH collection reminder message to include buttons to confirm whether you’re able to attend the collection and also make it easier for FWHs to select the correct correction slot against which listings should be tagged

If you have any feedback on the webinar after watching the recording, we’d love to hear it so we can continue to improve them in future. Please fill out the short 5-minute survey here if you’d like to share your thoughts.

As always, thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you at the next one!

Tessa and Saasha,
Olio Co-Founders

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