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All I want for Christmas is… something I actually want.

Every year, the same familiar sight: a mountain of socks, soap, books you’ve already read, pyjamas that don’t fit, an endless array of miniature jams, and all sorts of ‘stocking fillers’ that you’ll struggle to put to good use all year. Overconsumption is never so apparent as it is at Christmas, so instead of feeling guilty about neglecting your unwanted presents, take the opportunity to share and donate them.

Here are our tips for putting some classic unwanted Christmas gifts to good use.


The best place to pass on opened toiletries and cosmetic items is on Olio. Soaps, shower gels, shampoo and smellies kits if unopened are also gratefully received by food banks who distribute them among people in your community who might be struggling to find the money to buy hygiene products for their household. Keeping clean shouldn’t be a luxury, so don’t hesitate to pass these spare items on.


Non-perishables in unopened packaging, before Best Before dates, can be donated to your local food bank, and everything else (as long as it’s edible!) can go on Olio to be picked up by someone locally. So many households waste leftovers at Christmas… but wasting food never feels good, so make this a zero-waste Christmas.


With the cost of living getting higher and higher, many families are struggling to keep themselves clothed, so if you’ve been given something that doesn’t fit (or just isn’t quite your thing) you’ll probably find that someone else will be delighted to have something new to wear.

Unwanted Christmas Gifts

Decor & knick-knacks

We often find ourselves buying in additional decor, homewares and kitchen items for Christmas, especially if we’re hosting, and then realising we have no use for them once the festive season is over. Put yours on Olio for someone else who might be getting settled in a new home, or looking to upgrade their current set-up.

Top tips for listing your unwanted Christmas gifts on Olio:

  • Make sure you take clear, well-lit pictures — the more, the merrier!
  • Include dimensions and sizes
  • Mention whether it’s used or brand new
  • Set your preference for pick-up location

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