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Giving away those jeans that don’t fit – you know the ones! Rescuing food that will otherwise go in the bin and sharing it on with your neighbours…sharing what you don’t need and buying less. That’s Smart Living. (50% of the clothes in our wardrobe are never worn!) 

But Smart Living is also about opportunities to save energy around our home, using an air fryer rather than an oven, switching to energy-efficient light bulbs, drying clothes on a heated drying rack rather than in a tumble drier…simple changes that add up to a less wasteful world.  

We all want to do our bit to help protect the planet. After all, it’s our home. Getting down to net-zero at first can seem like an impossible ask – but if we break it down into the small positive actions we can do on our own and together with our community we can achieve it. Let’s do this Olio-ers!

That’s why Olio are partnering with Smart Meters who share the same vision as all of us, to waste less. They are all about helping people to save energy in their home – and how having a smart meter plays a big part in all of us living more sustainably. 

Ok, but what exactly is a smart meter?

Smart meters are the new generation of electricity and gas meters and replace traditional meters that are ticking away under our stairs.  They record your energy use in the same way as a traditional meter but then send the readings automatically to your energy supplier meaning that’s one less thing on your list to do. So, you can now say goodbye to guestimating energy bills as a smart meter in-home display shows you exactly what you are spending in pounds and pence.

Waste less in the kitchen

You can check you’re saving as much energy as you can and waste less when you’re cooking. Creating your weekly menu from food rescued on Olio, cooking efficiently, sharing on what you won’t eat and having a smart meter to keep on top of energy use – all work together in nudging down waste. And that’s why we’re here, right? 

It’s the same with other everyday energy uses around the home – including washing and drying. 

Airdrying your clothes could save you up to £60 a year, running an extra spin cycle on your washing machine will remove more water from your clothes and make them easier to dry, whilst turning down the setting on your radiators a notch or two will all save energy. Switching appliances off at the wall and not leaving them on standby is another simple tip for reducing energy waste 

A smart meter makes it tangible that you are actually saving energy, wasting less and doing your bit for the planet. Another big plus is that getting a smart meter installed comes at no additional cost.

For more information on everything smart meters, from installation to in-home displays, how you can get yours and answers to any niggling questions you may have, it’s all on this link…

Here at Olio, we’re excited about our partnership with Smart Meters as we believe it will help all Olio-ers live a little smarter and happier in their home, knowing that they are doing their bit to creating a waste-free world. 

Eligibility may vary. Consumer action required. Based on typical savings. 

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