8 Top Tips for Decluttering Your Kids' Toys

Keeping your home organised can be a challenge, especially when it comes to your kids’ toys. Before you know it, the living room, their bedrooms, and even your kitchen are overrun with action figures, building blocks, and stuffed animals galore. 

Here are our 8 top tips to help declutter your kid’s toys and reclaim your space…

1. The one in, one out rule

Instil this simple policy – when a new toy enters the home, an older one must leave. Encourage your children to choose which toy they will part with, teaching them valuable lessons about making decisions and letting go.

2. Get your kids involved

Decluttering with your kids gives them a sense of control and helps them understand the decisions behind keeping, giving away, or discarding toys.

8 Top Tips for Decluttering Your Kids' Toys

3. Make it fun

Turn decluttering your kid’s toys into a fun activity! Set a timer and challenge your kids to see how many toys they can put away or decide to keep or give away before the time runs out…

4. Pass you pre-loved’s on

Once you’ve decided which toys are to stay and which are to go, teach your children about the joy of giving by donating unused toys to local charities or sharing them with their local community on the Olio app.

5. Regular toy rotations

Not every toy has to be available all the time. Rotating toys in and out of storage keeps the number of toys in the play area manageable and reignites your child’s interest in old favourites, rather than buying new – saving money and space, it’s a win win!

6. Start a toy library

Just like a book library, create a toy borrowing system, this could be between friends, neighbours, at your local school, or through community apps like Olio. It’s a great way to keep the toy count low and variety high.

8 Top Tips for Decluttering Your Kids' Toys

7. Set clear limits

Designate a set space for your kids’ toy to live, like a toy box or shelf – and stick to those boundaries! If the storage is full, it’s a good indicator that it’s time to declutter.

8. Quality over quantity

When purchasing toys, focus on the quality and the value of each toy over sheer quantity. Ask yourself, does this toy have educational value? Is this a toy I can see my children playing with for a long time? Durable, well-made toys that stimulate creativity and learning will likely have a longer life and be cherished more than a large amount of less significant items.

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