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Having kids is probably the most rewarding — and expensive — thing you will ever do. Constant growth-spurts, temper tantrums over trends, fixations with wearing certain colours, and a seemingly never-ending schedule of clubs, hobbies and activities mean the little people in our lives get through a lot of clothes, to the point where as a parent you might feel like you’re buying a whole new wardrobe for them every year.

Not only can that be eye-wateringly expensive, it also leads to a lot of waste as items are discarded when they’re still perfectly good, but have simply been outgrown. And keeping your children comfortably clothed should not be an unaffordable luxury.

At Olio, we want to encourage more and more families to use our app to share their spare: passing on the clothes their children have outgrown and instead of buying new ones, taking on quality, pre-loved clothing from other families in their community. Think of it as a sort of giant hand-me-down project that extends beyond siblings, cousins and generations and into your whole local community.

Share children's clothes

School uniform

It’s expensive, and you end up getting through a lot of it as the kids grow. Share with other local families on Olio… you might even make some new friends to share the car pool with!


Denim is designed to be hardy, lasting many years of wear. But kids grow out of them fast, so make sure you pass your pre-loved kids’ denim on to someone else.

Winter coats

Cold-weather clothing can be expensive. Buying second-hand or swapping and sharing helps to keep costs low and kids warm.

Sports kit

Whether your little one needs an upgrade on their kit, or is taking on a whole new hobby, keep the items needed in circulation by sharing with your local community.


These are often made with high-quality, soft and breathable cotton, which can be totally sterilised by washing at a high temperature. Perfect for passing on to a new parent!

Top tips for listing your used children’s clothes on Olio:

  • Make sure you take pictures of the front and back of the garment
  • Include sizing and fit details
  • Mention how much it’s been worn
  • Set your preference for pick-up location

Remember if you have multiple items, you can bundle similar ones together (rather than having to take a photo and add a listing for every single item)

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