What to do with your children's outgrown clothes

We know how it feels when your children are growing out of their clothes faster than you can say “not another growth spurt!?” Here are our top tips to make sure your children’s outgrown clothes don’t go to waste…

Give them a second life ♻️

Donate them to charity shops or give away to families in your local community via Olio so that another child can love what your child used to!

Before you give away, just make sure the clothes are clean, tidy, and free from the dreaded “my-spaghetti-art” stains.

Repurpose or upcycle 🎨

Channel your creative juices by transforming outgrown t-shirts into a quilt, or denim jeans into a bag. There’s a whole world of tutorials out there that turn “useless” into “Oh wow! You MADE that?” Why not get the kids involved too and see what they can craft from their old clothes!

repurpose or upcycle your children's outgrown clothes

Cash in on those outgrown clothes 💰

Cash in on those outgrown getups by selling them on platforms such as Olio, eBay and Vinted. Think of it as a side hustle that recoups some of that ‘they’ll-grow-into-it’ investment.

Swap or trade ↪️

Join the savvy circle of swappers! Dive into the eco-friendly joy of swapping clothes with other parents in the same predicament. Local Facebook groups, or parenting forums are great for this.

Wrapping it up 🎤

Whether you donate, sell, swap, or get crafty, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to giving a second chance to the clothes that bore witness to your kid’s growth spurts. Not only are you helping fight waste to protect our planet but you’ll also be decluttering your home in the process – it’s a win win!

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